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♥The riot of the rebellion and the truth is kept secret in our chest♥

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~the Riotts. fan community~
Welcome to

the Riotts.

fan community at LiveJournal

Guitar 雪希 (ex.176BIZ, ex.カレン)

Bass たら (ex.176BIZ, ex.PANIC☆ch/パニックちゃんねる)

Drums 楓栖 (ex.176BIZ, ex.ギミック)

Guest vocal 歩 (2010.xx.xx - 2011.xx.xx)

Guest vocal ぶう (2010.04.21 - 2010.xx.xx)

Guest guitar tetsu (2010.04.21 - 2010.xx.xx)

Guest vocal ミケ (2009.11.21 - 2010.01.30)

Keep all posts related to the Riotts., the members and their music!
No posts containing negative or harmful rumours concerning the Riotts.!
Posts should be made public!
Don't repost anything out of the community, who wants to get what has been posted needs to come here!
Don't promote other communities! Advertise ONLY, if it's related to the Riotts.!
Graphics are very much wanted! Wallpapers, icons ect. You got'em, post them! But please keep longer entries, entries containing big graphics and entries containing more than one graphic behind an lj-cut! Icon
posts can be made by a teaser of three icons in one line!
Please don't hotlink any pics or graphics!
Be nice to each other! No flaming!
Keep Media posts (ie video, mp3) limited to comments, scans or live distribution stuff. NO mass release music/video uploads and/or requests. Essentially if its available at shops like CDJapan or BRAND-X!
No Amembers only stuff from their blogs allowed!
No linking to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration!
Please support the band as much as you can!

Please be nice and do enjoy the community!

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If you wanna affiliate with the Riotts. fan community just contact me via 黒い霊魂の応援集結所.

All graphics/bases taken from the Riotts.'s OHP

All layout and graphics made by 黒。

If you wanna use any graphics ask for permission FIRST!