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Introduction: the Riotts.

I know this seems to be kinda late.
However, I actually started this type of introduction for another one of my comms (kuroi_reikon), where I keep several mostly quite unknown bands together.
And decided to put these up for all my other comms as well.

band name: the Riotts.
OHP: http://www.riotts.com/
members / history / recent:
雪希 (setsuki) / カレン (雪希, setsuki) → 176BIZ (雪希, setsuki)
★ba.: たら (tara) / Virtione (Taka) → Panic☆ch/パニックちゃんねる (たら, tara) → ベティ (たら, tara) → 176BIZ (たら, tara)
★dr.: 楓栖 (kasumi) / キュア [support] (夏澄, kasumi) → Le'visage (夏澄, kasumi) → death+qpid [support] (夏澄, kasumi) → La'miss†fairy (夏澄, kasumi) → ギミック (樺澄, kasumi) → ベティ [support] (樺澄, kasumi) → 176BIZ (楓栖, kasumi)
★ex.guest.vo.: 歩 (ayumu)
★ex.guest.vo.: ぶう (buu) / えんそく (ぶう, buu, since 2005)
★ex.guest.vo.: ミケ (mike) / すうぃーぷ☆ザ☆ぼーど (ミケ, mike) / Blu-BiLLioN (ミケ, mike)
★ex.guest.gt.: tetsu / Domestic+Child (Satoshi) → ギミック (Tetsu) → Juka [support] (tetsu)
state: active
started: 2009.11.21
disbanded/paused: /
2010.01.15 → mini album → StarInvitation
2010.05.26 → maxi single → スターゲイザー
2010.10.06 → mini album → 星蓮花
2011.01.26 → album → RIOT STAR
information: /
additional stuff: /
Tags: introduction
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