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★Riot of the rebellion☆
♥The riot of the rebellion and the truth is kept secret in our chest♥
6th-Mar-2012 07:44 pm - Introduction: the Riotts.
I know this seems to be kinda late.
However, I actually started this type of introduction for another one of my comms (kuroi_reikon), where I keep several mostly quite unknown bands together.
And decided to put these up for all my other comms as well.

band name: the Riotts.
OHP: http://www.riotts.com/
members / history / recent:
雪希 (setsuki) / カレン (雪希, setsuki) → 176BIZ (雪希, setsuki)
★ba.: たら (tara) / Virtione (Taka) → Panic☆ch/パニックちゃんねる (たら, tara) → ベティ (たら, tara) → 176BIZ (たら, tara)
★dr.: 楓栖 (kasumi) / キュア [support] (夏澄, kasumi) → Le'visage (夏澄, kasumi) → death+qpid [support] (夏澄, kasumi) → La'miss†fairy (夏澄, kasumi) → ギミック (樺澄, kasumi) → ベティ [support] (樺澄, kasumi) → 176BIZ (楓栖, kasumi)
★ex.guest.vo.: 歩 (ayumu)
★ex.guest.vo.: ぶう (buu) / えんそく (ぶう, buu, since 2005)
★ex.guest.vo.: ミケ (mike) / すうぃーぷ☆ザ☆ぼーど (ミケ, mike) / Blu-BiLLioN (ミケ, mike)
★ex.guest.gt.: tetsu / Domestic+Child (Satoshi) → ギミック (Tetsu) → Juka [support] (tetsu)
state: active
started: 2009.11.21
disbanded/paused: /
2010.01.15 → mini album → StarInvitation
2010.05.26 → maxi single → スターゲイザー
2010.10.06 → mini album → 星蓮花
2011.01.26 → album → RIOT STAR
information: /
additional stuff: /
28th-Jan-2012 09:37 pm - Rule change
From now on I changed one rule:

☆Posts should be made public!

In the past I followed what quite some communities go along by, posts being friends locked, so that only community members can see them. But actually the community shall promote this band, so the more people can see the entries, the better it is.

Feel free to share your opinion on this in a comment, I'd like to know about it.

12th-Mar-2011 01:46 am - Earthquake
I guess most of you heard about the earthquake and Tsunami hitting Japan on 03.11.
Since a lot of Jrockers update their blogs/Twitter/whatever with messages about being fine I'll post this through every community that I maintain.
I'm sorry for some people might get spammed by this.
But there probably are people who can't read Japanese and are worried.

Regarding the Riotts. all members gladly seem to be fine.

27th-Nov-2009 12:41 am - Member's profiles
雪希Collapse )

たらCollapse )

楓栖Collapse )

Collapse )

ぶうCollapse )

tetsuCollapse )

ミケCollapse )

There's a huger version of all pics, if you click them.

21st-Nov-2009 08:15 am - Welcome~
カイエ | The one and only
Welcome to the only LJ fan community for the Riotts!

the Riotts were formerly known as Milky Way,
a session group now going full time~

Tara ♥♥♥

OHP: http://www.riotts.com/
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